Szukając materiałów o genezie użycia Shadow

of the Colossus w filmie Reign Over Me natrafiłem na ciekawy artykuł w Kotaku. Odpowiada na kilka fanowskich pytań – dlaczego użyto gry z poprzedniej generacji, czy Snadler i Cheadle faktycznie grają w SotC i inne zakulisowe ciekawostki. Najciekawszy jest jednak jeden z komentarzy pod tekstem. Stanowi mocny argument na poparcie trzech tez z którymi zgadzam się w 100%:
1. Gry są narzędziem terapeutycznym.
2. HUD zabija immersję.
3. Fumito Ueda jest czarodziejem.

Co tam, wkleję go w całości:

I worked on body recovery and identification after 9/11. Every night I’d go home and play ICO; in ICO, you rescue a princes from a tower, and any bad monster is driven away with a stick – it’s fairly death-free gaming.

The game worked for me because it was the most *immersive* experience I’d had in videogaming; when you were up on the ramparts, dragging Yorda along, you could stop and look out over the sea, feel the glare of sunshine on your face and feel the wind blowing.

The game kept me sane. A couple of years later, I was in Tokyo, and got to meet Ueda and his COLOSSUS team at Sony, even to play the first level. That man will never know how grateful I am to him, even though I tried to explain how much ICO had meant to me.

I guess I’ll have to see REIGN OVER ME; I loved COLOSSUS, though not as much as ICO. And one thing I didn’t like about it was that it was a bit more HUD-y – your grip strength meter appeared on the top of the screen, and what not. For me, the great thing about ICO was that it didn’t have any meter onscreen that would distract from being *in* that world.

I actually asked Ueda about that, and he grinned and said, „Yorda was the health meter.”


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